Our primary focus is on hard to reach & vulnerable populations to
promote equitable lives for all within society.

We Specialise In Training, Corporate Talks And Consultancy,
In The Areas Of Neurodiversity, Complex Needs, Challenging Behaviours, Inclusion And Acceptance

We Specialise In Training, Corporate Talks And Consultancy, In The Areas Of Neurodiversity, Complex Needs, Challenging Behaviours, Inclusion And Acceptance
Did you know that 86% of Autistic children are attending mainstream education? This means that these children will go on to third level education, apprenticeships, or employment when they leave school.
Only 14% of Autistic children are classified as high support needs who attend Special Educational Schools.
Here at TSK, we can provide a range of pre-set trainings and bespoke trainings to suit your school, preschool, or college needs.
Let’s work together to ensure the children in our care are getting the best opportunities to learn and grow in a way that suits them and reduces stress levels all round.

We Are On The Cusp Of A Global
Awakening Around Neurodivergence

We specialise in training, corporate talks and consultancy

Behaviour Interventions And Understanding Complex Needs

This term we are running the course format slightly differently, and we are breaking up the modules, allowing you to pick and choose what you would like to study.

Play-Based Learning and Curriculum Development

This course has been specifically designed as an introduction to, or work hand-in-hand with the Early Learning and Care QQI Modules or as a refresher course for those who have already completed the old ECCE course.

Trauma Informed Care and Behaviour Management

By the end of the course, participants will be able to: Identify Trauma and the types of trauma a child may experience. Discuss the impact of trauma on child development and the developing brain.

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    Childcare Committees

    Autism Training for O’Connor’s Seafood Restaurant & Cafe

    We have also provided Autism Training for O’Connor’s Seafood Restaurant and Cafe in Bantry, Co. Cork to prepare their restaurant for reopening following refurbishment. During their renovations, they have prepared a social story, autism friendly menu’s and a sensory area.
    As part of their process, they engaged is in training for the team to ensure the team were ready for adults and children who struggle with the neurotypical environment.

    Ciara Rowley, Principal Newtownwhite Educate Together School

    We engaged with Jeanette last school year in relation to the trauma training she offers. Following in depth consultation with the staff Jeanette was able to tailor a course for our needs. The whole staff completed the training and the benefit has been huge.
    In combination with supports from outside agencies our deeper understanding of trauma has helped our staff to respond in a more effective way and has ultimately improved the outcome for one of our students substantially. When dealing with extremely challenging behaviours a number of interventions from a number of different agencies are needed as well as a whole school trauma informed approach. Jeanette has helped our school enormously in that regard

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