"One Heart, Two Homes"

“One Heart, Two Homes” Professional Training For Parents and Professionals who work with Separated Families

Presenters: Jay and Tammy Daughtry from CoParenting International

Key Info

Educational Objectives Of The Event

This event/workshop aims to prepare professionals who work with separated/divorced parents in the following areas and to equip them with the knowledge and skills in supporting parents in navigating a healthier future for their children:

We believe kids can have a whole life...
even when it's complicated!

Learning Outcomes:

Learning Outcomes:

These learning outcomes align with good professional practice by equipping professionals with the necessary knowledge and skills to support separated/divorced parents in promoting the well-being of their children. Effective communication, facilitation of hand-offs, understanding children’s needs, and protecting their emotional health are essential components of providing quality care and support in family dynamics.
By addressing these areas, professionals can contribute to creating a supportive and nurturing environment for children, even in the context of parental separation or divorce, thereby upholding ethical standards and promoting positive outcomes for families.

Basic Outline:

Workshop Location:

Meet the Speakers

Jeanette Delahunty

Neuro-Inclusion Consultant and Trainer

Karen Power

Trauma Informed Mindfulness Practitioner

Tammy and Jay Daughtry

Founders, Consultants and Lead Trainers


9:00AM – 2:00PM /  Date: TBC

8:30 AM Registration Open for Attendees (Coffee & refreshments provided)


9:00 AM Opening Remarks / Mindfulness Presentation - with Karen Power


9:30 AM Session #1 (15 min) Jay & Tammy Daughtry Introduction, Materials Overview Potential Implementation Strategies

Video: 10 Things Kids of Divorce Wish They Could Say to Their Parents


Session #2 (15 min) Definitions of Co-Parenting, Why is Co-Parenting Important?


Session #3 (15 min) Creating Stability: Stable Parent, Stable Home


Session #4 (20 min) Co-Parent Communication, Categories, Co-Parent Meetings 


Session #5 (25 min) Group Discussion: What is Most Important for Children?


Session #6 (20 min) Handling the Handoff, The “Heart” of the Child (Video)


11:20-11.40 Break 


Session #7 (20 min) Six Risks for Kids of Divorce / Therapeutic Tasks for Each Risk Emotional Needs of Children in Various Developmental Stages Indicators of Healthy Co-Parenting (Wkbk page 33/Handout)


Session #8 (20 min) Understanding Emotional Abuse: Power & Control, Equality, Cycle of  Violence. When Kids Look at Porn / Resources for Divided Parents


Session #9 (30 min) Moving Forward: Dating & Remarriage - Understanding Stepfamilies Insider / Outsider Dynamics & Stepfamily Genograms


Session #10 (10 min) What is a Stepparent’s Role in Co-Parenting? Rules of Engagement? Co-Parenting After Age 18: Beyond Child Support (Additional Resources)


Discussion: Completing Coparent Strategist Training Process (optional)

Review Requirements, Review Benefits, Discuss Resources Future Trainings & Events & Meet-Ups Online


1:00 PM Trauma Informed Practice when working with divorced & separated parents - with Jeanette Delahunty


2:00 PM Closing Remarks and Special Recognitions 

The CoParenting workshop is now CPD Accredited by the IACP and CPD Group with 5 CPD Credits.