Accredited Courses

We have a number of accredited courses which can be availed of either live or as a self-paced option. 

Dates for our live workshops and courses are added regularly. 

If you would like to avail of one of our courses or workshops for your school, group or organisation, please contact us directly. 

Accreditation is a rigorous process we go through for each of our courses to show that they are: 


Accessible for learners

Content is factually correct

Creative ways are used to engage learners

Relevant materials are used to reinforce the content

Eligibility – the content is intended for the right audience

Details are accurate, easily understandable and adheres to professional writing standards

Intellectual Property – that the content is authentic and referenced where appropriate

Tested – all our courses and content is tested by an independent, subject matter expert, tester panel

Expertise – the content and delivery is by a fully qualified and experienced creator and tutor with expertise in the subject area

Duration – the amount of time it takes to complete the course defines how many credit hours we are awarded for that activity.