CPD Accreditation

What is Continuous Professional Development or CPD Accreditation?

CPD stands for Continuous Professional Development. This is essentially extra learning and education that you do which is not generally a formal qualification, for instance, Ireland’s QQI’s or the UK’s NVQ’s.

So, you may have taken a course in Autism Awareness, for example, which is not a formal qualification. Some courses, workshops, and webinars/seminars do not come with CPD credit hours and some do. But it often looks better to employers if the courses you engage in come with credit hours. They hold more weight on your CV than if they do not.

Because we like to add value to your informal training, we have undergone a thorough process to become a CPD Accredited Training Provider. This means the accrediting body The CPD Group, have had their accreditation and compliance team thoroughly vet and review all our policies and procedures to ensure we hold all the fundamental elements to meet CPD standards.

Our courses, workshops and webinars/seminars meet their Quality Assurance requirements and many have been awarded CPD Credit Hours.

All of our CPD Accredited activities can also be found on the CPD Register, which is an internationally recognised register of all CPD Providers, Activities and Trainers.